Rogelio Cardoza

My name is Rogelio Cardoza and I’m a 17 year old Flutist, Singer, and Composer at Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts (otherwise known as Grand Arts High School, VAPA, etc.). I’ve had the privilege of working with amazing and talented people in the music field. I was selected as a participant for the Los Angeles Master Chorale High School Choir Festival 2016 Honor Choir and for the Associate Composer Fellowship Program 2016-17 at the LA Phil. I never would have thought to have such a high interest in composition, but after my first very short piece I composed for solo piano in my AP Music Theory class, I fell in love. Knowing that I could create NEW music was a thought so ecstatic to me, that it pushed me to become better and more knowledgeable about music.

I grew up with a family that did not support me as I would have liked after I told them I was gay. They do not believe that pursuing a musical career would be beneficial in the long run, but I beg a differ. Ever since then, music has been my second family and I’ve continued to care for it as much and maybe more than music takes care of me. Through music, I found beauty in various characteristics of life: nature, emotions, events, feelings, thoughts, and many other attributes I found valuable. My personal life often intervenes with the pieces I compose; thus, my emotions, thoughts, and feelings are often prominent in my compositions. I plan to continue Composition studies in college as well as Flute and Voice and one day receive my Master’s in Composition. I strongly believe any possible opportunity will be extremely helpful as a musician and hope to participate and take much positive advantage.