Mikaila Wilson-Miyoshi - Young Composer


I am a senior music composition major at Occidental College from Laurel, Maryland. I was introduced to music when I was 4-years-old by my aunt who always used to babysit me. Before I started taking private lessons through my elementary school, my aunt taught me how to read music and play piano. I stuck with it ever since. Once I outgrew my elementary school teacher, I took private lessons in Laurel and was trained to compete in classical piano competitions every spring. Coming into college, my passion for music continued to grow. Anticipating on being a piano performance major, at the end of my sophomore year, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try the music composition program at Occidental College. Throughout my experiences with piano performance, I have learned that music instills a sort of emotional response from both the performer and audience. Moving into junior year of college, I took this aspect of music to heart and thus had a desire to create music that sets certain emotional tones. My first big piece, 1.21.17, was written in reaction to the Women’s March on Washington (2017) after Donald Trump’s Inauguration. That piece is centered around the various emotions I felt on January 21st, from sadness to anger to feelings of hope. Now that I am about to graduate college I am starting to think about how I can expand my existing compositions, continue to create new ones, as well further explore my love for music as it pertains to my career.