Jorge Pivaral

Hello my name is Jorge Pivaral. I amcurrently attending Ramon C. Cortines of Visual and Performing Arts as a student in the music academy. I have a passion for music because it has taught me freedom of expression. I believe music is a powerful way for people to show how they are feeling when they can’t express those emotions verbally. I have realized this through my own experiences and have used music as a universal form to express my emotions. By simply putting on some headphones or writing my own music, I am able to tell my own story. I believe music can provide people a piece of happiness regardless of the type of day or situation.

For me, music is not only a hobby and an interest but a future career. I believe music is the key of bringing people together. I would enjoy composing and producing music as a life time career because I want to create a symphony that can relate to everyone. For me, I enjoy writing poems and hope that one day I am able to write my poems into songs and have people listen to the messages I want to say through these songs and hope they will be able to relate to. With this dream in mind, I hope to gain experience in the music industry and learn from professionals in order to achieve my future goals.